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This collection contains documents and photos, both originals and copies, pertaining to the Weston Library from 1960 through to 1969.


Weston Public Library
Weston Historical Society

Items in the 1960-1969 Collection

Avid readers in the boys and girls department (1964)
This image shows two children - one boy and one girl seated at a large wooden table - reading books in the children's area of the Weston Library. The girl, who is read a book entitled "Irish Stories" is sitting with her back to a wall of picture…

"The Eagle Has Flown" - Eagle House Eagle Gone Missing
This December 1962 clipping from the "Times and Guide" described the circumstances under which the Eagle perched atop Eagle House was stolen. The owner of the building, George Moore, offers a reward for information leading to the apprehension of the…

Children reading on the floor of the boys and girls area at Weston Library (1964)
This photograph shows a group of 8 children sitting on the floor, reading books at in the children's area of the Weston Library. The girl looking directly at the camera is reading "Peter Pan." A shelf of novels and picture books can be seen lining…

Journey to the Other Side of the Tracks
In my family you had to be 8 years old before you could cross railroad tracks on your own. In order to get to the Weston library, from my family’s home, I had to cross the railroad. The first Saturday, after I turned 8, I got up early, walked…

Weston Library re-opened after decorating<br />
Weston Public Library was closed for renovations during the summer 1962, reopening in September. The renovations include a redesigned foyer and circulation desk, and a suspended acoustic ceiling and fluorescent lighting in the main room. Dunlop,…