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Weston YWCA in the basement of Weston Public Library
These images show women that were part of the Weston YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association). The YWCA was located in the basement of the Weston Library between 1944 and 1946.
This image is another view of the children's room of the Weston Library, prior to the construction of the addition. In the photograph, a staff member can be seen assisting a child search through what appears to be a card catalogue. A "Happy Birthday…
This is a view of the Children's room of the Weston Library. Book-lined walls, wooden benches and a stand-up book display is visible in the image. Various posters are also visible plastered on the wall.
This image shows a group of boys huddled around a table filled with various gadgets and magazines, when they created their own production of Dr. Who.
From left to right: Derek DeVries, Cameron Wallis, (unkown), Mike Calnan, (unkown).

Ubasement of library 1985 - via Martin Proctor 1 copy.jpg
A photograph of two boys sitting in the program room at the Weston Branch in 1985. The boys are focused on a television set. The boys are in wait of their production of "Dr. Who" to be shown.
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