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The invoice for a book by John Boynton Priestly called Britain Speaks, a book about the war in Britain published in 1940. A copy of this book is still in the collection, for in-library use only, at the Toronto Reference Library.

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This image of the Children's room shows the vastness of the collection of children's books. Picture books line the walls, decorative items are hung from the ceiling and book displays adorning the tops of bookshelves can be seen in the image. In the…
This image is another view of the children's room of the Weston Library, prior to the construction of the addition. In the photograph, a staff member can be seen assisting a child search through what appears to be a card catalogue. A "Happy Birthday…
This is a view of the Children's room of the Weston Library. Book-lined walls, wooden benches and a stand-up book display is visible in the image. Various posters are also visible plastered on the wall.
This photograph shows a group of 8 children sitting on the floor, reading books at in the children's area of the Weston Library. The girl looking directly at the camera is reading "Peter Pan." A shelf of novels and picture books can be seen lining…
This invoice from Thomas Nelson & Sons Limited lists books purchased by Ruth Rothery (Librarian) for the Weston Library. Titles include "The Little Country," "Everest the Challenge," and "Social Planning for Canada" among others. In total, Miss.…
This receipt, made out to Miss. Ruth Rothery (Librarian, Weston Public Library), is for five dozen steel book supports that the library purchased for $10.05.
This letter from the Lady Superintendent of the Toronto Free Hospital for Consumptives is adressed to Joseph Nason (Chairman, Weston Public Library). The letter thanks the Weston Public Library for their donation of 130 books.

A flyer advertising Weston Branch's giant booksale on February 21, 1987.

This annual booksale is still a popular attraction at the Weston Branch.
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