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These images show two girls singing. The second photograph shows one of the pair recieving a prize from Polkaroo. It seems as though this image is from a talent showcase held at the library.
This is yet another image of the library taken from the original entrance. In contrast to the images seen here, this image shows the staircase leading up into the adult section and the staircase leading down to the children's section, then known as…
This photograph shows a group of 8 children sitting on the floor, reading books at in the children's area of the Weston Library. The girl looking directly at the camera is reading "Peter Pan." A shelf of novels and picture books can be seen lining…

Ubasement of library 1985 - via Martin Proctor 1 copy.jpg
A photograph of two boys sitting in the program room at the Weston Branch in 1985. The boys are focused on a television set. The boys are in wait of their production of "Dr. Who" to be shown.
These images show Polkaroo mixing and mingling with children from the Weston community!
Polkaroo is outdoors! This time, he meets with the children from Royal Daycare here and the Weston Community here!

polkaroo finally arrives-c.jpg
After much waiting by the children seen here, Polkaroo arrives!

polkaroo arrives-c.jpg
These image shows the boys and girl's visiting Weston Branch to meet Polkaroo.
This image shows Polkaroo playing Simon Says with a group of children, visiting the Weston Branch.
This image shows a young girl and boy performing a dance routine for the boys and girls at Weston Branch. Polkaroo also gives them a prize for all their hard work.
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