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Letter requesting a public meetin to discuss the purchase of Board of Education property for a new library, so that the existing structure can be incorporated into the new library building.
This is a summary of the decisions made at a meeting between the architects and the library board.
Borough of York Public Library Board requests to purchase land adjacent to Weston Branch from the York Board of Education.
The invoice for a book by John Boynton Priestly called Britain Speaks, a book about the war in Britain published in 1940. A copy of this book is still in the collection, for in-library use only, at the Toronto Reference Library.

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Beginning on November 14, 1948, library hours will be from 2:30-4 p.m. and 5-9 p.m., except during power cutoffs.

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This document is an April 1925 clipping from the "Times and Guide." It features a paper written by Mr. K. A. Cockburn (Chairman, Weston Public School Board), that highlights the growth and development of the library over time.
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