Belgian Canal Boat Fund

Belgian Canal Boat Fund

Belgian canal boat fund
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Belgium was invaded by Germany in August, 1914, and for the next few years was occupied territory.

Mabel Adamson helped to found the Belgian Canal Boat Fund in order to send aid of food, clothing, and medical supplies to Belgium.

In a letter home, she describes her plan for the Belgian Canal Boat Fund as follows “the proposition is to freight a barge at Dunkirk and send things into Belgium by way of the canals, of which there are hundreds. Of course we could not get very far, but an advance is expected very soon; even now on the fringe of the Army there is a destitute population.

By 1917, Mabel Adamson was spending most of her time at the Furnes orphanage. Over 300 Belgian children came to the orphanage for classes and meals every day. A handmade emblem of appreciation was presented to Mabel Adamson to thank her for her work at the orphanage at Furnes.