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Frequently-asked questions

1. How will TPL use the content that's submitted on Pages of Weston History?

Content submitted on the Pages of Weston History site may be added to TPL's Digital Archive in the future.

2. I noticed the words "Dublin Core" when I'm browsing the site. What does it mean?

Dublin Core is a library standard used to describe electronic resources, similar to the way the bibliographic record, or catalogue card, describes a book.  The Dublin Core heading on the page, simply means that the items below are being described according to the Dublin Core standard. We know it is confusing (I thought this was supposed to be Toronto!), but we are not able to change the display at this point.

3. Are there copyright issues that I should be aware of?

You must own all the rights to any material that you submit.  You may not submit any material protected by copyright without the permission and acknowledgement of the copyright owner.

4. Is there a file size limit?

Yes, there is a 32 MB limit on file sizes for audio and video.

5. Why are some of my search terms not working?

Search terms must match results exactly or they are not retrieved. For example, if you search "car" you may not get results, but if you search "cars" you may get results instead. If unsure, try Browse by Tag first.