About the story project

Lillian H. Smith Branch

When I first put out the call for stories, I had no idea how many I would get. But the one thing I did know was that I wanted it to be an organic process. I didn't want to seek out certain types of stories from the community, rather I wanted the community to guide me. And the response has been overwhelming.

From the impact the library has had on community members, to discovering that there are someone's ashes in the foundation of the building, to the legacy that Lillian H. Smith herself bestowed upon children's services, the stories presented here offer a glimpse into this neighbourhood's past, present, and future. 

And with the new condo development on College Street, just west of Spadina, the university residence just two doors down from the library, and the impending demolition of the Waverly Hotel (which will be replaced with another student residence/condo), the area is indeed changing. All the more reason why to document and record the community's stories.

I encourage you to become local historians and contribute to this ongoing scheme to record and preserve the evolving stories of both the Lillian H. Smith Branch and the community it serves.

-Christina Wong

About the story project