Donna O'Gorman

Donna O'Gorman

Photo by Raj Jalal Deen.

At seven years old, Donna O'Gorman paid her first visit to the Boys and Girls House. Her love of the library and books soon led her to work for the Toronto Reference Library back when it was at the corner of St. George and College (now the Koffler Centre). Originally meant to study nursing, Donna soon found herself working at the library where she continued to work for the next 34 years.


"Fifty-six years ago, at the age of seven, my mother brought my brother and I to the library. I got my first library card. I was seven years old. I remember the librarian, and her name was Miss Cooke."

Toronto Public Library; Central Library, College St., n.w. corner St. George St.

 "I felt privileged to work with what I was working with...there was always a big variety...It was the type of thing where they really did schedule you so you were never bored. That was my big thing, is even all the years working in Municipal Reference and working in Urban Affairs, you were never bored."