Honey Novick

Honey Novick - Portrait

Honey Novick went to Boys and Girls House when she was a child. She also tells us about her friendship with the late Judith Merril, whom she met whilst living at Rochdale College. Honey also discusses neighbourhood haunts touching a bit on the Waverly Hotel and the controversy surrounding the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health College Street facility (then called the Clarke Institute). Honey is the director of the Creative Vocalization Studio.

"I lived closer to Bathurst and College. It was somewhat of a distance for a little girl to walk from there to St. George, but the reward was all the books that a child could possibly choose from."


"I never dreamed that a place could be like that. Where people my age drew on the walls, and it was accepted. And ideas were accepted...if you had anything that you wanted to express, in the early days, it was very welcome." - On living at Rochdale College

Merril Collection name-plate

"She [Judith Merril] really encouraged me to pursue what I was doing."

Waverly Hotel

 "The Waverly was home to one of Canada's most important poets, Milton Acorn...Milton changed my life."