Elizabeth Derbecker

Elizabeth Derbecker - Portrait

Elizabeth Derbecker talks about her first encounter with the Toronto Public Library as a child and how one librarian changed her life. Elizabeth also tells us how she fell into working at the Boys and Girls House and what it was like preparing for the move over to the newly built Lillian H. Smith Branch. Her all-time favourite memory whilst working at LHS: Joan Bodger coming in to tell them that her late husband's ashes were buried in the foundation of the building!


"Basically, at least once a week, we would all get in the car and we would drive around every library in our catchment area and take out the maximum number of books."

"Alan Mercer is now completely immured in this building and we like to think of him as a guiding spirit."

Osborne Collection shelves

"It's one-stop shopping for amazing resources you can't find anywhere else."