Stanley Teo

Stanley Teo - Portrait

Stanley Teo is the current Library Settlement Programme Worker at Lillian H. Smith Branch, who helps newcomers and community members overcome the challenges that may arise in the integration process. In his story, he describes the warmth and generosity of the staff since he first started working at the Branch in 2009. He also remembers very fondly the late librarian Chen Chih-Pien, who sadly passed away on August 19, 2014.

"A couple of my clients...have moved on from being disillusioned, from getting menial jobs, to improving their lives." 

Library Settlement Programme Flyers

"It's about working and having fun at work, but it's also meant to provide the much needed services to our surrounding community members."

Cookbook belonging to Chen Chih-Pien

"The other favourite memory is our very known librarian, Chin Chih-Pien...She was a very vivid supporter of this programme. Back then, a lot of the referrals were sent by her...She is still very sorely missed."